School Rewards

At Oak, we believe all children should be encouraged to achieve their best, in behaviour as well as academically, and they deserve to have those best efforts recognised. Our Star of the Week Awards show how much we value those children who are ‘always’ displaying expected behaviours and attitudes to learning, exemplifying our values of Love, Respect, Endeavour and Joy.

In this way, we aim to bring out the best in all pupils and reward those children who are consistently well behaved and good role models.

Our aim is to bring out the best in all children, in their learning and their behaviour, as well as their social and emotional growth. In addition to the Thrive approach, we use a wide variety of reward systems to provide this support for all children, along with lots of praise and encouragement. On this page are some of the highlights showing how rewards are organised.

Of course, there are other rewards available, and some sanctions, too. Please consult the school Behaviour Policy below for more details.

House Points

All children and staff are divided up between five house. Every Golden ticket is worth one house point, although children can earn many more house points in addition.

A major target of the school is to instill a love of reading. For this  reason, our houses are named after famous children’s authors:

  • Roald Dahl
  • Marjorie Blackman
  • Narinder Dhami
  • Michael Rosen
  • Julia Donaldson

At the end of each half term, the members of winning house get to celebrate with a special activity, such as special games provided by outside specialists.

Golden Tickets

Every child wants to win a Golden Ticket! Ours are special, with Mr. Bendall’s name on them, and are given out for any behaviour worthy of recognition. This could be a great answer in a lesson, setting a good example at playtime or having the courage to jump in the pool for the first time.

Children write their names on their tickets and add them to the draw at the end of each week. Winners receive a prize from the school prize box.