Forest School

All Oak children participate regularly in Forest School activities from Nursery through Year 1, giving them a solid foundation for independent outdoor learning. From Year 2 to Year 6, many children are given the opportunity to join Forest School sessions for a set period of time, depending on identified needs.

For more information, including examples of the curriculum, read our Forest School Handbook.

“Forest School is an inspirational process that offers learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands on learning experiences in a woodland context.”

– Forest School Association

Our Forest School Philosophy

All children have the right to experience and enjoy the essential and special nature of being outdoors.  Young children thrive and their minds and bodies develop best when they have free access to stimulating outdoor environments for learning through play and real experiences.

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic adults are crucial to unlocking the potential of outdoors. That’s why we have our specialist trained leader Helen Wyke working across the year groups to provide this unique experience for Oak children.