Collective Worship

As a school, our core values are Love, Respect, Endeavour and Joy. These values define the way we view the world, our relationships and our vision for our school.  

In order for children of all ages to understand these values, we promote them throughout the school, including in our Collective Worship (assemblies). Assemblies are organised so that KS1, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6 attend Worship separately.

Each half term, we focus on a theme to explore these values, linked to the SEALS curriculum and promoting a sense of PLACE (Playful, Loving, Accepting, Curious and Empathetic).

Our Themes for this half term are: New Beginnings / Thankfulness

Our worship is structured:

Monday – Collective Worship

Tuesday – Singing Assembly

Wednesday – Reading Assembly

Thursday – Class Worship

Friday – Celebration Worship

Central to our Christian ethos, our core values strengthen our links with our multi-cultural community and the many religions represented by all our children. 

RE School Policy

KS1 Collectgive Worship

KS2 Collectgive Worship